Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Thanksgiving Wine

“My Thanksgiving Wine”

With this BLOG we’re going to talk about our favorite… “Thanksgiving Wine”! 

Our favorite wine for Thanksgiving is NOT made from grapes. It’s made from another fabulous fruit that hangs in profusion from stately trees. It comes in many magical colors, from reds to greens to colors mixed and in-betweens. Its taste can be sweet or quite tart. It can be eaten right off the tree, sliced into slices and baked into a marvelous pie, crushed and mashed into a delightful sauce, squeezed into a fresh cider or made into a……”World-Class Wine”!

This versatile and delicious fruit is, of course the….”APPLE”!



For generations upon generations, we have relished the taste, flavor and bouquet of our ‘Thanksgiving Apple Wine’! All wine, of course, is meant to be shared and to be enjoyed in social settings. What setting could be more enjoyable than the gathering together of friends and family for “Thanksgiving”!

I remember a particular Thanksgiving where my mother made a small mistake. Perhaps it was the mild confusion of laying out the bounty of the Thanksgiving table or having to referee a bout between my two younger siblings, but, regardless, the mistake was made. Instead of pouring my usual Thanksgiving glass of fresh apple cider (which, by the way, I loved) she poured into my glass the ‘Thanksgiving Wine’ that was meant for my grandmother. Our tradition was to wait until everyone was seated and the prayer was said. Then, everyone would raise their glasses in a toast of thanksgiving and clink them together. Then, drink down their festive drink and proceed to enjoying the Thanksgiving meal. Well, as it turned out, this was my best Thanksgiving…EVER! As I raised my glass to my lips and tasted my ‘Apple Cider’, I realized that a small mistake had been made. There was actually ‘Thanksgiving Apple Wine’ in my glass!! I looked around the table and no one was looking at me. Everyone was just talking and enjoying themselves. I took another sip (just to be sure that it wasn’t my imagination)…It wasn’t! Now, I have to tell you, this was NOT a large glass. It was a small toasting glass. There couldn’t have been more than three or four sips. What was I to do??

The answer came quickly. My grandmother asked my mother if she could have ‘another’ glass of that fabulous “Thanksgiving Apple Wine”. My grandmother raised her glass, as in a toast, towards me. As we clinked our glasses together, my grandmother….smiled knowingly.

Even though my grandmother has been gone for a long time, and my mother never made this same mistake again, this Thanksgiving still ranks as my best Thanksgiving…Ever.

So, if you want to experience your best Thanksgiving…ever… it’s my suggestion that you forget the grape wine for a day. Instead, bring out the ’Apple Wine’ and bring back a tradition!


Just a word of caution, however, check out your grandmothers smile!!

Salute and Happy Days!

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