Saturday, September 26, 2015


Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery


With this Blog, we are going to highlight an aspect of BHV that many of our friends and guests may not be aware….our BHV Internship Program!

With our 2015 grape harvest recently completed, our 2015 “BHV Internship Programhas, also, drawn to a close. Now that our world has refocused from harvesting back to wine making and customer service, we are able to draw a deep breath and reflect upon both the good harvest and the tenure of our Intern. We are always thankful for the bounty of Mother Nature, but, equally, we are thankful for having shared a time with a young person seeking their place in life! The lessons that they have learned from us will, hopefully, influence them in a positive way on their journey into their future!

BHV’s Internship Programrequirements are simple, see below:

   “Each year, BHV proudly accepts students from accredited schools and colleges for on-site/hands-on Internships. Interns will work side-by-side with BHV management to learn the art of wine making, sustainability and customer service. All disciplines of study will be considered.
Interested students should e-mail us their resume. Included in the resume should be your requested internship dates and a brief explanation of Why you would like to be our intern.”  That’s it!

One observation that we would like to share with you is the realization that most of the youth of today are not lost. We are encouraged by the diligence, intelligence, and work ethic of our interns! They are keenly aware that the world of the future will rest upon their shoulders. They understand WHY it is important to protect the world around them and to run a business in a “green & sustainable way”!

If you own and operate a business and do not currently offer an internship program, we encourage you to consider starting one this year!

Thank You…..Salute & Happy Days!