Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wine Bottle Wedding Arch!

Wine Bottle Wedding Arch!

With ‘Valentine’s Day’ on February 14th, it seems only appropriate that we dedicate this month’s Blog to…”Lovers and Sweethearts”!
At BHV, we handcrafted a memorial to those in Love! Using over 450 empty recycled wine bottles we created our areas most iconic and unique…”Wedding Arch”!

Framed by BHV’s own grapevines, it rises to over 10 ft. high and over 20 ft. wide. The Arch is capped with a wine bottle heart, a Bride and Groom figurine and two Bridesmaids. When the Florida sun is shining, the blue, green, amber and clear wine bottles sparkle like diamonds.

When you visit BHV and our Wedding Arch, please look closely at the empty wine bottles embedded in the concrete matrix. What you will see are ‘Bride and Groom’ memories etched into the glass wine bottles! When the loving couple selects BHV as their wedding venue, we ask them to select an empty wine bottle on the Wedding Arch. Prior to the day of their wedding, we ‘engrave’ their names and their wedding date into their glass wine bottle. The permanence of their glass wine bottle becomes the celebration of the permanence of their Love and commitment to each other!                                       


Throughout the year, under the Wedding Arch, we perform “Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies” at no charge to all that ask. If you would like to renew your commitment to each other or proclaim to the world your commitment and love, please drop us an email so we can set it up.
Even though Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, we should remember that it’s a celebration of Union, Love and Commitment that knows no limits or bounds or timeline.

When guests visit BHV, we always discuss the importance of wine in our adult relationships. For thousands of years, wine has been a vital part of our human fabric. At most of the important moments in our lives,…weddings, holidays, graduations, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, etc.,…wine has been the glue that has sealed the occasion. There are few moments as precious as when a couple sips a glass of wine, stares into each other’s eyes and says.. “I Love You”!

Until next time..”Salute and Happy Days”!