Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Farm to Table Wines!

Farm to Table Wines!

Why these Wines Deserve a Place at Your Table!

America consumes about 350 million cases of wine every year.  Most of these wines are consumed with food and with friends and family. Most of these wines are produced by huge wineries with names that are familiar to most of us.  Surely, these wines are ‘Farm to Table’ wines and deserve a place at our table, right? Well,….maybe.

To answer that question, we’ve got to understand what makes a ‘Farm to Table’ wine.

‘Farm to Table’ wines are wines that come from wineries that do it all. They will have three or four of the following words clearly embossed on their labels. Those words are…”GROWN, PRODUCED, VINTED and BOTTLED” or “PRODUCED, VINTED and BOTTLED”!
No other wine can or should be considered a ‘Farm to Table’ wine! Most are “UNFILTERED” and are made from “WHOLE FRESH FRUITS and Vegetables”!

Wineries creating these wines are as important to our local communities as the local farmer who grows those fresh fruits and vegetables for our tables. Today, most of us understand how important it is to us to support our local farmers and growers. Local ‘Farm to Table’ wineries, however, have mostly slipped through the cracks. We go to great lengths to serve our friends and families fresh farm to table foods, but we seldom give a though to where our wines come from or how they are made.

Starting this holiday season and continuing throughout the coming years, please, seek out the local wineries in your community that are producing wines from the soils beneath your feet.

In the State of Florida, the best place to begin is with our “Certified Florida Farm Wineries”! As of this writing, there are approx. 25 within our state (Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery is one of these 25 Certified Florida Farm Wineries). You can find a complete list by contacting the ‘Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services’ website.

By Florida state law, a ‘Certified Florida Farm Winery’ must produce a minimum of 60% of their wines from Florida grown commodities. We at Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery are at…97%!!

Thank You…”Salute & Happy Days”!