Thursday, June 7, 2018

Imported Wines!
There seems to be a lot of confusion about imported wines.
With this BLOG we’re going to help you understand them a lot better!

Firstly, imported wines DO NOT have to comply with American laws of wine production. They are governed by our ‘Trade Agreements’. 

Most Americans are unaware that these ‘Trade Agreements’ supersede American laws and standards. They need only comply with the laws in their ‘Country of Origin’! This is why, our bad trade agreements need to be rewritten.

As an example, there are two (2) Federal U.S.A. laws that every American wine producer are required to meet.

Federal Law #1:

Every producer of wine in America must tell you, the wine consumer, HOW your wine is made!” A ‘REAL’ American winery has the word “GROWN” on its label. The following chart shows you the five (5) options:

5)     BOTTLED

Federal Law #2:

“Only wineries in America producing any kind of ‘Fruit or Vegetable’ wine from “Whole, Fresh fruits or vegetables, can use the word “NATURAL” on their wine label”! Absent the word “NATURAL” the wine is being made from juices or concentrates.

Now, let’s suppose that the laws in that foreign country stated that those wineries were not required to tell their own consumers how their wines were being made. You guessed it, they DON”T have to tell you either! They are able to import their wines into America, put them on American shelves next to REAL American wines, yet DO NOT have to meet American laws of wine production. This is NOT a level playing field!

Although not mandated by federal law, there is one word that appears on REAL wines everywhere on the planet. By knowing this single word, you are assured that that bottle of wine is made to be the best that it can be. That word is the word “UNFILTERED”!

In conjunction with the word “UNFILTERED”, look for the bottle to be sealed with real sealing wax. “UNFILTERED” wines are the only wines that age and are worthy to go into any kind of long-term storage. 

Shun any bottles of wine with plastic or aluminum foil on their tops. These are ‘Filtered’ wines with a usual shelf life of two to four years and no ability to age.

Thank You….the “Green Winer”

Buyer Beware!
“For Sale,
Rural 5 Acre Lots in Florida”.

NOTE: With this Blog, we are going to address a situation that is not being discussed on any public forum. Our hope is that we can inspire conversation and substantial change to Florida law that protects our fellow citizens!”

It sounds idyllic, buying a piece of quiet, rustic, rural Florida and escaping the pollution and noise of the city. This fairy tale can quickly become a nightmare if you’re not extremely careful!

Citrus Greening continues to devastate Florida’s citrus groves. With no cure in sight, many Florida grove owners are selling off their old grove lands to unsuspecting city buyers.

A quirk in Florida’s Real Estate laws permits these grove owners to sell off their lands in 5 acre residential lots and retain their agricultural zoning. Thus, they are exempted from any county code enforcement rules and laws. They have NO obligation to tell you, the buyer, about any of the pesticide or fungicide chemicals that they used on their citrus crops or any of the toxic chemicals released into the soil by the onsite burning of their black PVC irrigation pipes.

One extremely toxic pesticide that has been used on Florida’s citrus crops is “ALDICARB”! It has been shown to enter the human food chain and cause significant and long-term pollution of drinking water supplies. Because of its extreme toxicity to humans and wildlife its use in America was recently banned by the EPA.

In order to quickly and cheaply remove the old citrus trees from their land, they are permitted by Florida law to open burn together the citrus trees and black irrigation pipes. Usually, they are bulldozed into large piles and set ablaze with gasoline. 

By not having to pull and recycle the black PVC irrigation pipes, toxic “Dioxins” are able to enter the air and the soil.

So, until Florida laws are changed, you should seek your paradise elsewhere!

Thank You…”The Green Winer”