Sunday, March 22, 2020

Rationing of Essential Consumer Commodities!

Rationing of Essential Consumer Commodities

Has the time come for the government to enforce the “Rationing of Essential Consumer Commodities”?

Just in case you have not experienced grocery shopping recently, let me give you an insight as to what it’s like.

Huge crowds of people pushing and shoving to grab the last case of water, cooking oil, bananas, fresh meats, butter, milk canned meats, canned vegetables, sugar, pasta and every kind of paper goods. Entire aisles are empty with nothing on the shelves.

Groups of people travel from store to store repeating their havoc. Long lines of people form before the store opens and snakes out into the parking lot. Tempers flare as late comers arrive and refuse to go to the end of the line. They rush into the store as soon as the doors are opened, unwilling to wait their turn.

Into this chaos are thrown our Seniors and children. The longer this Pandemic continues, the more uncertain the future becomes; the more chaos grows. Through no fault of their own, Americans are being forced to compete with their neighbors for basic commodities.

Many decades ago our nation was fighting a world war. It was necessary for us to ration basic and scarce commodities so that every American on the home front could have an equal chance. This Pandemic today is being referred to by our leaders as a war. Isn’t time to spend all of our energy fighting this Pandemic war, rather than fighting over a roll of toilet paper?

Thank You…
The Green Winer