Monday, July 21, 2014


June 2014
We make four types of Rose’ wines at BHV. Three are natural Rose’s and one is subjective. I have always relished their soft colors and unique tastes and quiet fragrances. The truth is, I’d rather sip one of these Rose’s than any other fine wine! It seems to me the scent of the fruit is much closer to the surface in these Rose’ wines than in any other type of wine. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, there’s a perfect Rose’ wine for every season!
The story of Rose’ wine is as old as the history of wine making. Often, we consider Rose’ wines as a modern innovation…it’s NOT. From the very beginning, our ancestors were creating world-class Red, White and Rose’ wines. For most of our wine making history, these three wine types sat on the same pedestal as equals.
Just the other day, I was reminded how precious and unique that a Rose’ wine can be.
At a mid-week wine tasting, one of our frequent guests brought her father. This was his first visit. I sincerely hope we see him often. For you see, her father was…96 years old! His life has spanned nearly a century! When I asked him what was his favorite type of wine he answered, without hesitation …ROSE’! 
Of course, the first wine that we sampled was our natural “Le Robber Rose’” wine. As he raised his wine glass to his lips and tasted this Rose’ wine for the first time, all eyes were fixed upon his face. Everyone was anxiously anticipating his reaction. Then, slowly lowering his wine glass he broke into a smile! Eventually and with deliberation he exclaimed….“This is the way that I remember Rose’ wines”!
If it has been a while since you’ve sipped a Rose’ wine, perhaps, it is time that you revisit this dear friend.
Until we meet again……
Thank You….”Salute & Happy Days”!

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