Friday, May 4, 2018

Looking for a Job? Maybe This Will Help.

As an adult who has witnessed a life of living and working in the private sector, I thought that it might be helpful to you to give you a few suggestions on where to spend your life working.

Today, without question, you should head to the nearest government employment office (State, Local or Federal) and submit your application. Do not consider working in the private sector! Here’s why.

After decades of working for a private sector employer, your employer can file for Federal Bankruptcy and a Federal Judge can negate your entire retirement income. You see, in the private sector, your retirement income IS NOT considered a liability of your employer. If however, you follow my advice and seek employment with the Government that same Federal Judge will rule that your retirement income IS a liability of the Government and MUST be fully funded and paid for by the taxpayer! This difference is huge and must be considered.

In the private sector your continued employment IS NOT guaranteed. Your employer can dismiss you or outsource your job at any time. Pay scales and benefits can be adjusted at the will of your employer. If, however, you follow my advice and seek work with the Government, your job will be guaranteed for life. Simply don’t make any waves our upset the status quo. Pay raises will flow to you on a regular basis along with benefit increases. In many cases, if you work for different government agencies, you will be eligible for multiple full retirement incomes. This is unheard of in the private sector! Even your retirement income will increase as adjustments are made by Government due to the cost of living.

In the private sector, you will work most holidays and weekends. You will sacrifice precious time with your growing kids and family. If, however, you follow my advice and seek employment with the Government, you will be given most holidays off work with full pay and benefits. If the holiday should fall on the weekend, you will be given a bonus day off of either Friday or Monday. Normally, you will have every weekend off.

In the private sector, a Union Worker must negotiate all pay and benefit increases with their private sector employer. Ultimately, the sales and profits of the private sector company will dictate how much of those sales and profits can be redirected to the union employee. If however, you follow my advice and seek employment with the Government, you will find it much easier to negotiate. Both you and the Government are employees of the same the employer, the Taxpayer. Unlike your counterpart in the private sector your employer is not even present at any negotiations. There is no connection, relationship or limitations imposed by any kind of sales or profits.

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you should decide to start your own small business, please understand that government has stacked the deck against you. Even though YOU must pay taxes and rents and higher costs for goods and services, the largest national and multinational corporations are granted, by government, extended or permanent free rent or exemptions from taxes. Many other perks often flow in their direction. All of this largess is paid for by you. The largest and most profitable U.S.A. corporation in the world paid NO Federal income taxes last year.
So, in conclusion, choose your path wisely!
Thank You…the “Green Winer

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