Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Why We Recycle/Repurpose Wine Bottles

Why We Recycle/Repurpose Wine Bottles
Why No One Else Does!
As of this week, October 2019, ‘Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery (BHV)’ crossed an historic threshold; we (you & us) have recycled/repurposed over 100,000 wine bottles! There was no media fanfare nor parades nor bells and whistles; we expected none. Through our grassroots efforts, what we (you & us) have accomplished is way more than any other winery in the U.S.A. has been able or willing to achieve. With the following factoid gems, we will attempt to put this huge accomplishment into perspective.
We (you & us) have helped to reduce mining waste by over 7,000 pounds!
We (you & us) have helped to reduce air pollution by over
500 pounds!
We (you & us) have helped to save enough electricity to operate over 33,000 TV sets for over 1 hour each!
We (you & us) have helped to save enough electricity to power 100 watts of home lighting for 100,000 homes!
Additionally, we (you & us) have helped to reduce BHV’s carbon footprint, upon our shared environment, by over 60%!
Our march will continue to go on and we (you & us) will continue to care deeply about the world around us and all of our friends and neighbors.

Every year in the U.S.A., we go through approx. 350,000 million cases of wine; about 4 billion wine bottles are dumped into our landfills and forgotten. Because wine bottles are inorganic (glass), it takes almost 1 million years for each one to decompose. So, why isn’t every winery in Florida and the U.S.A. recycling and repurposing their own wine bottles?
For the first five years that BHV was open, we took in the empty wine bottles from every other Florida winery and cleaned, sanitized and repurposed them. The hope was that we could lead by example and encourage them to join us, and together, Florida could set a recycling example for the nation; this never happened. Today, we no longer accept wine bottles from any other Florida winery. If you patronize any other
Florida winery, you should return their empty wine bottles to them for them recycle.

One final note, even though BHV is the Greenest Winery in America and is 100% recycled on wine bottles, we are not alone in the world. Every winery of every country in Europe recycles their empty wine bottles a minimum of 9 times!
Again, Thank You, for all your help and support…BHV!

The Green Winer!

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