Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"G,P,V,B"...The KEY to Discovering the Worlds Best Wines!

With todays Blog, we're going to learn..."How to Discover the Worlds Best Wines...using the Magic Key"!
I know, there are tons of "wine experts" that have you convinced that this topic is 'rocket science'. Well, I'm here to tell you, that that ain't so! Before we step into our Wine Cave, I want you to remember four(4) simple letters..."G,P,V,B"! If you will remember these 4 letters, you will become "empowered", beyond your wildest dreams! Ok, it's time to repose into our Wine Cave and start building our dream team. Ready?...lets go!
Before discussing the first letter..."G", I want you to take a look at our "Foxy Red" wine label (see photo).

Do you see "G,P,V,B" on the label? No?, please take a closer look. See it now? Ah, now you see it! See, I told you that it wasn't rocket science! It's right there on every one of our wine labels. In fact, this 'key' (or parts of it) is on every wine label sold in the U.S.A. All we have to do, is take our template, G,P,V,B, and apply it to the wine labels! If their wine label perfectly matches our key "G,P,V,B", then you can add that wine to your list of the "Worlds Best Wines"! Isn't this exciting??
Ok, back to our first letter "G". The letter "G" stands for the word..GROWN. This means that the grapes used to make the wine was 'grown' by the winemaker. This winemaker has a solemn connection with his vines and grapes. He has toiled for years nurturing and protecting them from the cold of countless winters and the heat of countless summers. He has done all this, so that you and I can share a glass of his World Class wine! His love and passion is in every glass!
The letter "P" stands for the word...PRODUCED. This means that the wine was produced by the wine maker. To use an old proverb, this is where we start separating the "Wheat from the Chaft". That winemaker that grew all his own grapes will continue his personal touch. He will insure that only the ripest grapes are picked and only the best of those grapes will go into his wine. His love and passion is pervasive throughout every step of the wine creation process. His wine fermentation will continue until all the sugars are consumed by the yeast. He would never consider stopping the fermentation early. His supberb wine is, probably, "unfiltered"!
The 'other' winemakers are mostly concerned about making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. You should expect some residual sugars in their wines. They will filter their wines for "clarity".
The letter "V" stands for the word...VINTED. This means that the wine was aged by the winemaker. Again, the winemaker that grows and produces his own wine, also ages his fabulous wines. He is in no hurry to sell his wine. He understands that great wines must rest for, at least, a year before bottling.
The 'other' winemaker is most concerned about getting his wine to market as quickly as possible. Because his wine is filtered, he will go from the vine to the shelf in 3 months.
Lastly, is our letter "B". It stands for the word..."BOTTLED". Our winemaker that grows, produces and vints his own beautiful wines, also bottles his own wine. Chances are that he uses '100% recycled wine bottles' and his wine will be sealed with only 'natural' corks.
The 'other' winemaker buys his 'new' wine bottles from China and uses the cheapest possible methods to seal his wine bottles. His wines will be easy to spot. They will be sealed with non-renewable 'plastic corks (think oil)' or aluminum screwtops. These will be wrapped with aluminum foils or plastics. The back of the label will talk about all the different "fruit, oak or other flavors" that he has added to his wine. Remember, his wine was filtered.
Ok, open the Wine Cave door and go out into world! You are now..."EMPOWERED".. to start your journey of selecting the 'Worlds Best Wines'! With your 'Magic Key' (Grown,Produced,Vinted & Bottled) in your hand, no one will ever again deceive you!

'Salute and Happy Days'

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