Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sparkling Wine...NOT just for Special Occasions!

The other day, I was having a very pleasant conversation with a middle aged and professional lady about her favorite wines. When I asked her about Sparkling Wine, she responded that she only drinks Sparkling Wine on special occasions (weddings, graduations, holidays, etc.). When I asked her why, she responded that, well..."that's what I was always told". When I asked her if she liked Sparkling Wine, she responded, "yes,  but only the sweet kind, not the dry". Her honest and sincere responses inspired me to write this blog.
It occured to me that, probably, there were many other people that thought about Sparkling Wine in exactly the same way. So, if you are thirsting for some knowledge on Sparkling Wine, lend me your ear. I promise you a dose of education and empowerment.
To begin, a "True" Sparkling Wine can "Only" be made "Dry". A 'Sweet" Sparkling Wine is a fake! Here's why. To create a "True" Sparkling Wine, it must be fermented "Twice". First, it must go through the primary fermentation, just like any other wine, then, it "must" be fermented the second time..."in the bottle"! The winemaker, will add a small amount of sugar and yeast to the wine in the bottle and seal the bottle. By sealing the bottle, he insures that the natural carbonation ( carbon dioxide) created by the yeast eating the sugar, will be trapped in the bottle. You guessed it, a sweet (fake) Sparkling Wine could Not have had any yeast added, because the yeast would have eaten the sugar. That winemaker creating the 'fake' Sparkling Wine simply used the dry wine from the primary fermentation and added sugar to it and pumped it up with CO2 from a pressurized CO2 tank. His process is quick and cheap and totally fake!
That "True" Sparkling Wine will read 'FERMENTED IN THIS BOTTLE' somewhere on the label. If that's missing...Don't Buy it!
Now that we understand that a 'True' Sparkling Wine can 'Only' be made in a "Dry (not sweet)" state, here's how you can create your perfect glass of 'Sweet' Sparkling Wine. Take a teaspoon and add sugar to taste! Yep, that's all there is to it!
Finally, should Sparkling Wine only be enjoyed on special occasions? Nope, no way, nodda!! You should feel free to enjoy your favorite Sparkling Wine as freely and as often as you like. Sparkling Wine is always a special wine drink! If you wish, drink it every day! Salute and Happy Days!!

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