Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wine Not Sweet Enough?..Add Some "SUGAR"!

File this blog under "Empowerment"! Another wine myth is about to come tumbling down, so lets head to the Wine Cave and have a frank discussion about the relationship between wine and sugar.
The first question that we have to ask is, what's the difference between "Dry, Medium Dry, Medium Sweet and Sweet wines? Firstly, the term 'Dry' simply means the 'absence' of sugar. A wine that the winemaker calls dry, should contain ZERO sugar. If it was fermented properly, the wine yeast would have consumed 'all' the carbohydrates (sugars) and left the winemaker with a wine devoid of any sugars. Today, unfortunately, some mass produced wines contain "residual" amounts of sugars. If there's any doubt in your mind, ask them. The difference between the Dry wine and the Medium Dry, Medium Sweet and Sweet wines is (you guessed it)..."Sugar'! At some point, after the initial fermentation, the winemaker will "ADD" a set amount of 'Sugar' to his wine to create the other three wines.
Now, here comes the part that I like best...tearing down wine myths! From this day forward, you are "Empowered" to add SUGAR to your wine! If your wine's not quite sweet enough, sweeten it to your taste. Don't listen to any of those, so called, wine experts when they tell you that you can't do that! It's NOT about's about YOU! Sweetening wine is exactly like adding sugar to coffee, tea, etc. Every persons taste buds are special and unique. If the winemaker can add one lump of sugar and you need two...don't ask for his permission...just do it!!
Salute & Happy Days!!
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