Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why is Your Wine Filtered?

Does anyone know why most commercially produced wines are 'Filtered'? I've looked over countless wine labels, fronts and backs and from all over the world and not one tells me why their wine is filtered. Is it a secret? Are they hoping that no one will ask? Not one label suggests that I should buy their wine because it's filtered. OK, I understand that the TTB doesn't require them to tell me, but that's a flimsy excuse. They talk about other unintelligent things like 'Racy Acidity' and 'Hints of Floral', so why their wine is filtered isn't an unreasonable question. When a wine maker creates an "Unfiltered Wine", he puts it right on the label for all the world to see. Could it be that the 'Filtered' wine isn't as great as it should be? Is that why they add all those 'hints & tastes & whiffs & bells & whistles' to their wines?? Are they trying to make a less than stellar wine product..palatable?
You are Empowered to ask your wine maker 'If' his wines are 'Filtered' and 'If' they are filtered, 'Why' doesn't he tell you on his label. Depending on his answer, you'll be in a much better position to vote with your wine dollars.

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